»We don’t have our own style. And that’s a good thing, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to develop solutions that are always new and always tuned to the specific client and assignment. «


It’s not lucky coincidences that turn products into bestsellers. It’s the ability to establish intelligent links between the brand essence and three key factors: strategy, innovation and design. This triad characterises every product we create, regardless of whether it’s intended for consumers or the B2B sector.


We strengthen the brand essence

Successful products are rarely the result of coincidence. They are based on clear strategies that are effective well beyond the here and now – strategies that eventually define the concrete product design. The strategic concept forms the key basis of our design – because without an underlying strategic approach, the market potential inherent in a product innovation will ultimately fall flat. We tailor innovation and design strategies to be a precise fit with the previously defined brand essence, strengthening and evolving it in the process. That means taking on the role of a dynamic, team-oriented sparring partner and interacting with our clients’ companies at all levels.


Concrete results instead of figures

We deliver new impetus, providing our clients with technological and conceptual inspiration geared towards the specific market. We look at things from different perspectives, take a creative, sometimes unorthodox approach and use our methodical design thinking to set new ideas in motion. Whereas traditional consulting agencies mostly only produce abstract sets of figures, we deliver very concrete results that can be transformed into valuable competitive advantages right away. And last but not least, the people who use the products benefit too – thanks to optimised usability, better functionality, enhanced ergonomics and greater durability.


Added value by design

There’s more to industrial design than a product’s shape and colour – at least the way we see it. We link the brand promise with a concrete design concept. We combine tried-and-tested concepts with new insights and changing aesthetic trends. And we always factor the emotional aspect in, too – whether we’re designing professional machinery or household appliances. Because we believe capital goods should be just as intriguing, motivating and aesthetically appealing as the everyday things we surround ourselves with in our private lives. Our extensive network of suppliers, design engineers and specialists ensures a seamless implementation process for translating good ideas into reality.