MyPure Pro Water Filter System



345 × 510 × 130 mm

German Innovation Award 2018 Gold


Filtered water straight from the tap

In many parts of the world, it’s by no means a given that drinking water comes out of the tap. That goes for Asia too, where people use water from ecologically dubious PET bottles or boil tap water. BRITA mypure Pro makes both superfluous, because the innovative filter system uses a multistage process to purify the water immediately before it comes out of the tap.


Four-stage filtration without wastage

BRITA mypure pro uses a new kind of 4-stage filtration that ensures top-quality drinking water. In the first step, the system filters out coarse particles before reliably removing viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances. At the same time, the water’s calcium content is reduced without removing important minerals. The filtration process itself relies solely on the water pressure: neither an electric pump nor an additional tank are necessary. And thanks to the direct filtration, the system only ever prepares as much drinking water as required, which considerably reduces water consumption.



Simple, safe handling

Despite the complex filtration, the system is so compact that it will fit under any sink. When it’s time to change the filter cartridges – which is only necessary once a year – the magnetically attached front cover can be removed without tools. Both the cartridges themselves and the holders inside the casing are clearly colour coded, making it child’s play to identify the cartridges and insert them in the correct order. And it’s just as convenient to replace them: minimal effort is required to remove the cartridges or lock them into place.


Pure water, pure form

The design is based on the principle of simplification, both in terms of the aesthetic language and the system’s usability. The plain front cover is easy to clean and provides easy access to the filter cartridges when removed. Its white colour and premium finishes stand for both the BRITA brand and the purity of the product. The contrasting dark grey cartridges are clearly recognisable as the technical component, while their soft shape facilitates handling and echoes the look of the apparatus as a whole.