Yource Pro Extra Water dispenser



290 × 210 × 65 mm


Filtered water with special extras

The latest addition to the Brita Yource family is more than just a water dispenser: it comes equipped with other interesting functions that are at the user’s fingertips whenever required. Brita Yource Pro Extra filters, fizzes, cools or heats the water to suit individual tastes. As a result, the water bar doesn’t just dispense with the need to buy water in glass or plastic bottles; it also replaces the kettle because it can heat water to a temperature of up to 95C – perfect for making tea! Brita Yource Pro Extra is installed to accompany the kitchen mixer, is easy to retrofit and available in two heights, enabling users to fill not just glasses but carafes and bottles from the multifunctional water dispenser.


Intuitive control concept with touch interface

Brita Yource Pro Extra provides spontaneous access to water modified in various ways, including cooled or heated water. The water dispenser swivels 180 degrees, and although its form resembles the traditional shape of a kitchen mixer, its fluid lines and integrated interface nevertheless set it apart. The design language visualises the product’s innovativeness – and thus also its uniqueness. One special highlight is the intuitive control concept with its touch-sensitive interface.
Thanks to a new production process, the complexly shaped water dispenser is manufactured as a single component with all the necessary fitting elements already integrated.



Elegant, premium and original design

All the functions are activated simply by touching the respective icon; only when boiling water is needed does the user have to activate two icons simultaneously as a safety precaution. The seamless glass surface that covers the icons is easy to clean and provides a unique user experience based on up-to-the-minute digital technology. Designed in keeping with the Brita design language, the premium look of the multifunctional water dispenser ensures it blends in perfectly with its kitchen setting. There’s never been such an elegant water dispenser.