We work for people
We create products, optimise characteristics, differentiate and ensure uniqueness.


We see success, sustainability and the user experience as the key elements of every development. We rethink products from scratch, take them one step further, define them and translate them into reality. Preferably for companies that seek to break new ground or are trying to establish themselves as start-ups – in both the B2C and B2B segments. And preferably with people who see change as a challenge – in the most positive sense of the word.


Diplom-Designer (FH Pforzheim)
Founder / Managing Partner /
Creative Director

Tim Storti and Christian Rummel
»We are personally responsible for fulfilling our clients’ wishes.«


Both partners studied industrial design at Pforzheim University’s School of Design at the same time and spent several years working for renowned studio Phoenix Design in Stuttgart after graduating. In the year 2000, the two of them founded the PEARL CREATIVE design studio in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart.
Lateral thinking and the flexible and pragmatic development of solutions on a sound basis – that’s what clients appreciate about the agency’s approach at operational level. And thanks to their long-term, holistic and strategic tactics and advice, both designers are held in high regard at executive level too.


Diplom-Designer (FH Pforzheim)
Christian Rummel
Founder / Managing Partner /
Creative Director


Design means teamwork
Outstanding design is rarely based on the ingenious ideas of an individual – but almost always on the achievements of a good, experienced team.


Our international team covers a wide range of competencies and combines curiosity with flexibility and pragmatism – all of which are indispensable qualities for our multifaceted, innovation-based approach. Creativity and experience, new and tried-and-tested solutions – each and every individual helps achieve the team’s goals by contributing their knowledge, experience and special skills. Driven by our passion for fascinating, contemporary products, we pool our strengths in an open and collaborative atmosphere to ensure our clients’ success.

An industrial design agency with passion

Successful design originates in a team that combines different competencies and takes a curious and flexible approach to its work. That’s the self-image that guides Pearl Creative at every stage of the design process. In its work on new products for the consumer market and professionals, the industrial design agency near Stuttgart is always driven by innovation and consistently solution-oriented. As an international design office, Pearl Creative partners with international companies who expect the very highest of standards when it comes to brand positioning, creativity and differentiation versus their competitors.


All eyes trained on success

All the designers at Pearl Creative are engaged in the design processes in a goal-oriented way. Creative product design means always being ready to adopt new ways of thinking and looking for new approaches to design and innovation. Sensitivity and the ability to develop designs on a cross-innovative basis, i.e. to make innovations broadly available by transferring them from one industry to another, are the hallmarks of the Pearl Creative design studio. It goes without saying that we use state-of-the-art 3D technologies in our product development, both during the design phase and for the presentation. Industrial designers Tim Storti and Christian Rummel, the owners and creative heads of Pearl Creative, are involved in all projects, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the products’ design and a strong brand identity.